5 Great Ways To Boost Your Energy

Could you use more energy? Here are my top 5 favorite things to do to increase your energy, boost your mood and feel better – Instantly!

1. Nourish yourself properly.

Eating a nutrient dense meal and drinking clean water is first, obviously!

Since our bodies are about 70% water, start with a glass of clean H2O to replenish it. Water is so important for your energy levels. Studies have shown that dehydration can lead to sleepiness, aches, pains, moodiness and many other problems.

We also need good food to provide long lasting energy, not just the roller coaster of sugar and caffeine. Be sure to fill a plate with an array of hearty organic fruits and vegetables, protein and fats to provide the vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids you require. While you’re at it, feel free to season it up with sea salt (which contains many minerals your body needs that aren’t found in chemically processed table salt) and lots of herbs and spices which are packed with disease fighters!

2. Breathe!

So many of us don’t breathe properly. Notice right now, as you’re breathing are you taking shallow quick breaths or long, deep oxygen rich breaths? Just like babies breathe naturally, your abdomen should expand and contract with each breath and you will instantly feel the clarity come to your mind and a boost of energy in your cells.

3. Listen to music.

Or make our own. Music has been proven to increase mood and energy levels immediately so pop on your favorite song and get a huge bonus if you sing along or dance to it.

4. Get outside.

We belong in nature and so much of the time, you might find yourself inside under artificial lighting, smelling the random smells of microwaved leftovers and copy toner. Give yourself a break and go out side, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Getting direct sunlight on your skin will boost vitamin D production, which is essential to mood, energy and other critical life supporting processes. Also, your eyes will benefit greatly from the natural light which helps regulate sleep and natural vision health.

5. Hug someone.

Physical touch is another important survival requirement and every body knows that a hug from someone you care for boosts your mood and feelings of connection, value and belonging. Better mood = more (positive!) energy.

Tell me, what’s your favorite energy boost during the day? Leave a comment below!

5 Great Ways To Boost Your Energy
5 Great Ways To Boost Your Energy

Do You Want More Time And Money?

This week I want to support you in making a change that will support your health and well being which will lead to you feeling like you have enough time and money to do the things you love!
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Do You Want More Time And Money?
Do You Want More Time And Money?