Oh to be so comfortable in your own skin!

I was looking up ingredients in makeup, on the Environmental Working Group website and one of them was listed as, “Persistent, bioaccumulative in wildlife” as well as being a concern for cancer, endocrine disruption and Neurotoxicity in animals at moderate doses!
Well, you know my first thought was “I’m an animal!” Human = animal (I would also consider myself to be wildlife but that’s a story for another day). And what is considered a “moderate dose”?
So, now I’m taking a closer look at what goes on my skin and how safe it is.
Have you seen in the news, recently, at least 3 companies having cosmetics aimed at teens and women that have asbestos in them?
It’s pretty apparent that we aren’t comfortable in our own skin when companies can get away with endangering our health just to cover up some “imperfections” or perceived inadequacy. Now don’t get mad at me if you’re using makeup for fun, I get that too!
My point here is really to invite you to take a few minutes and:
1. Take note of the chemicals you’re using and what illness they may be causing in your beautiful body.
2. Stop using bad stuff, I promise there are healthier brands, I can list 3 companies right off the top of my head (not to mention diy!).
3. Learn to love yourself in the skin you have, without enhancements or cover ups, bc you’re perfect just the way you are!

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