Invisible Illness Week: How To Cope With Hidden Illness

This week is Invisible Illness Awareness week and I’m offering up my #1 tool for dealing with the challenges that come up for people who have a not-obvious condition.
I also hope to inspire everyone to have a little more compassion for everyone you encounter because everyone is dealing with something you can’t see and we all need a little more compassion!

How to cope with Hidden Illness
How to cope with Hidden Illness

Spontaneous Demo: Real Life Gluten Free Travel

I was traveling last week and decided to do a spontaneous video to show you real-time how I travel with gluten free and food allergies.
It’s super simple and made my trip 100% less stressful.
Links below to some of the items I show:

Crock Pot Food Warmer:
Thai Soup:
Pea Soup:
Tomato soup:
Protein Smoothie:
Coconut Milk:
Clorox Wipes:

Spontaneous GF Travel Demo
Spontaneous GF Travel Demo