Welcome to the 21 Veggie Challenge!!

As you know, getting a variety of whole fruits and vegetables in your diet is a major way (I’d argue it’s THE BEST WAY) to prevent disease, look great, feel great and smell great too ūüėČ

If you eat 3 meals a day, every day, that is 21 chances to get a different fruit and veggie in your diet every week! That may sound like a tall order, but I promise, it’s way easier than you think!

Below, you will find some handy cheat sheets to help you out including 100 common fruits & vegetables you can find at pretty much any grocery store to mix it up and my personal shopping list from this week.

Think about a delicious meal you had, full of juicy, ripe, savory, sweet and tangy flavors, enveloping your mouth and exploding your tastebuds.¬† Not only did it feed your body but I’d bet your soul loved it too.¬†Dontcha want¬†a little more of that?!?

I invite you to really enjoy this challenge by smelling the fruits and veggies when you’re shopping, your inner cavewoman will perk right up and help you pick the most succulent, nutrient filled ones.

Also, really look them over and allow your inner goddess to enjoy and receive the colors and textures while you can picture in your mind that gorgeous meal you’re going to have.

Finally, once you do prepare your meal, take an extra moment of gratitude for this beautiful gift you’ve given yourself and if there is something special like candles, cloth napkins or a pretty center piece (a bowl of fruit works gorgeously), bring that to your table and make the meal feel even more luxurious and delicious.

Then, if you need some recipe and meal planning inspiration (you may already have these if you signed up on my mailing list at the top of this page *hint hint*) check out these resources as well: 5 Week Recipes & Plan for some comfort food options plus the ITN Commmunity Cookbook for delectable veggie inspiration.

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Here are your cheat sheets and I have a little favor to ask:

Let me know what your biggest challenge is around eating well and I’ll share mine with you too (I think it will surprise you!).

Any questions? Holler at me!

100 Fruit And Vegs




How Do I Cook ‘Em??




Sample Week




Yummy Sources Of




Sample Week #2

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