This is why I do my happy cleanse every month!
🌱 Yes, our bodies are designed to detox naturally but they were designed long before we were swimming in this level of atrocious pollution!
You can literally see the haze of toxic chemicals in the air obscuring the view…
Even if you eat clean and use non- toxic products, you are still absorbing a chemical cocktail through your skin, by breathing and from the water you drink (have you ever noticed the tap water looking a little blue and smelling like the local water park? 🚰 Chlorine and fluoride additives must be processed and detoxed too.
🍋I think it’s only smart to support your body’s natural cleansing with better nutrition and something yummy like ginger and herbs that have been known to support our organs’ health for thousands of years (and not send you screaming to the bathroom for a week 🚽).
After seeing this today, I’m planning to get my cleanse going on the 1st because I’ve been noticing the effects of toxic overload lately…exhaustion…dark circles under my eyes…headaches and a runny nose (gross but that’s one way our body flushes out the poison).
Let me know if you’re feeling it too! ❤️


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Detoxing From Air Pollution
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