For anyone with gastrointestinal issues, a doctor should typically run tests for parasites, in addition to any other applicable tests. I read that 90% of Americans have parasites and most don’t even know it.

That is shocking, isn’t it?

I always wondered, how could you have parasites and not even know it? Don’t they drain the life out of you and show up in places people don’t want to talk about?  I grew up with a healthy concern for washing my hands to avoid things like tape worms, pin worm and hook worm. When you don’t walk in gross places and maintain a good sense of hygiene, you feel protected from those sorts of things.

But, they aren’t the only 3 parasites you can get and you can get them even if you do take precautions.

So, I did more research into parasites and found out the thousands of kinds that are known and that there are probably a ton that aren’t known yet. What freaked me out is how stealthy they are, if they don’t get too greedy you will never know they’re there.

I also learned that they can actually be beneficial in several ways and that the only reason to worry is if you get an over-growth, or infection, from them.

One tidbit I found particularly comforting is that parasitic worms in your body collect heavy metals and can actually protect you from toxicity and getting critically ill.

Whew! Lots of worry gone there.

Speaking of heavy metals, they are running rampant in our environment and certainly collecting in our bodies at alarming rates. Aluminum, lead and mercury are very common ones that accumulate from air and water pollution, cosmetics, tuna fish, food containers, paint, industrial products and chemicals,  some children’s toys even! What’s most concerning is that you can be suffering from heavy metal toxicity but it presents as headaches, nausea, aches and pains…and you could be mistaking it for any number of other ailments or just feeling exhausted a lot.

The other day, I finally hit a wall. I’d been feeling really exhausted, having some tummy trouble and found myself writing down that I felt like “something had a strangle hold on my energy and was killing me slowly”. That was my last and most clear clue because my particular meditation and writing process brings up a lot of subconcious thoughts and just like you can tell if you’re hungry, you can also tell about other things going on in your body if you pay attention. I’ll share that magic another day!

The point is, I was feeling particularly crappy and didn’t know why, so my first thought was to detox.

A little research led me to diatomaceous earth that is often used to detox heavy metals, purify water, treat parasites and improve joint, bone, skin, nails and hair health- the perfect all purpose tool for my problems!

The particular beauty is, diatamaceous earth (DE for short) is a “mechanical” anti-parasitic. Meaning that it has specific compounds that physically harm the parasites and causes them to die rather than a chemical anti-parasitic which can become ineffective when the critters develop a tolerance for it.

Interesting, no?

In all my research I couldn’t find a resource that showed that DE is harmful to humans, so I decided to give it a try.

How did I decide what kind of DE to order?

Long story short, I looked for recommendations and jumped on Amazon, found a brand and ordered it.

It comes with qualifications on the label that state it is “Food Grade”. This is important!

It also has instructions to start with 1 teaspoonful a day and increase slowly to no more than 2 Tablespoons per day and to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is important because you want to keep those toxins evacuating regularly andthe other properties of DE make it particularly drying.

The first day, I didn’t really notice anything, which was a relief. When starting a new protocol, I’m always a little nervous that there may be undesireable effects.

Day 2, who nelly! I had vivid dreams, nightmares even, and woke up hot and sweaty and a little woozy. I’m not sure how much was related to detox or just to the summer heat but it felt…different. Almost like a fever, but not. And I spent the better part of the day just trying to cool off and needed a lot of rest.

The good news is, that was probably evidence of die-off and toxins being released from storage into my body/bloodstream.  Parasites are crafty little buggers and try not to alert your immune system to their presence by giving off chemicals, hormones and such so they can fly under the radar.  When they die, your body’s natural defenses recognize them and do the things to keep you healthy, like fevers and frequent bathroom trips.

Toxins are another angry hoarde your body tends to isolate in fat stores when there’s too much to deal with, and let’s be honest, in this modern world there’s always too much toxic sludge in the air, water and food for our bodies to properly manage. So, when you do a forced detox, those toxins are released from isolation and can make you feel pretty darn craptastic.  In fact, I’d highly recommend having a qualified practitioner on call if you’re doing a serious detox because things can get hairy and people even require hospitalization if detoxing improperly. Seriously, be careful.

So here’s my body’s plan: isolate, eliminate, evacuate.

Since I’m not doing blood testing or any other monitoring techniques, I can’t tell you specifics but I can tell you…

Day 3…I started to feel a whole lot better. My energy returned to normal, I could think clearly and just felt lighter, you know?

Every day since, is about the same. I’m feeling better than pre-DE and if you know me, I enjoy new habits. This whole scoop of dirt in my water every morning makes me happy.

I’m still in the process and will be taking it for at least 6 weeks, as recommended by a doctor, for a complete cleanse. He suggested 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and then 2 weeks on again.

I haven’t come across any contraindication of long term use, so I think the prescription was more for comfort than anything. It is a gritty thing to drink every day, although it’s tasteless as far as I can tell – so no big deal.

I’ll keep you posted of any news and I’d seriously love to hear if you have any experience with DE, personally.  Tell me!

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Diatomaceous Earth – Parasites & Detox