Adrenal fatigue is a fairly new condition and more common than you might think!

In modern times, we find ourselves in a state of “fight or flight” almost constantly, compared to the past when that elevated stress response was much more rare and only induced by acute, life or death situations.

Today our stress response is triggered from the moment we wake up to an alarm (literally alarming!), checking our devices which innundate us with artificial excitement. Then, we keep up the fight or flight as we are commuting to work with other agressive drivers and once we get to work things don’t get much better. Deadlines and demading coworkers can keep us in that killer stress response all day long! Of course, then we fight another commuter nightmare and end up at home where instead of relaxing we launch into television shows which are inducing artificially inflated emotional responses with flashing pictures, music and other triggers. Just think about every suspenseful moment in a show, purposefully created to keep you glued to the edge of the screen. All these things keep you in a highly aroused state of stress and anxiety.

Your body and mind may not get a single moment to relax and switch into a state of healing and recuperation, literally!

What this means is that your adrenal glands are constantly secreting hormones to feed your need in fight or flight mode, to be fast and strong. You are literally living in survival mode and when you don’t find some relief, your adrenals wear thin and you are left feeling chronically tired, worn out, fatigued and sick from a weakened immune system because your body can’t heal and your mind can’t relax when you are in survival mode.

Further, you are probably not performing your best at the very things that you value in life, which may be stressful too, because you can’t think of the creative solutions that would make your job and projects better, easier and more fun.

If this sounds like you, I have some super simple tips in this video that will help support your adrenals and find a little relaxation, without derailing your life.

After you watch it, please leave me a comment with the one thing you’re going to try first and your experience around finding ways to relax and recuperate.

I can’t wait to hear about it!

Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue?
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