First off, never underestimate the power of cute sweat pants!  But, to me, it’s more the sentiment behind this quote from Tonya Leigh…it makes me think about that classic movie “Death Becomes Her” where you see Goldie Hawn in her dirty sweats, watching a murder scene over & over while gulping frosting directly from the tub in her apartment full of cats. Like, nobody wants to hit that bottom, right?
Of course she finds a magic potion and emerges in a fabulous slinky red dress and the movie takes a nasty turn but for a moment she’s exactly the woman she wants to be. Elegant and to die for (pun intended).
I also believe in magic potions bc I actually find them. Sometimes it’s in the form of a book that moves me to tears and positive action, a gut healing cleanse or heart healing mini-vacay 💕
Most importantly, they move me more toward the woman I want to be who doesn’t wear sweatpants on Christmas Day 🎄🎄

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Do You Want To Be The Woman Who Wears Sweat Pants?
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