In my line of work, I hear a lot of reasons for not living healthier like:
💰I can’t afford…
⏰ I don’t have time…
📖 I don’t know how…
😳 I couldn’t possibly…
👭 I’ll lose my friends…
I’ll never be able to do __fill in the blank___…
What will people think?
What will people say?

Yep! They all sound valid…at first!
Actually, they are a clue to what your real priorities are. 💡 💵 You afford what you really want. You find time for what makes you feel good. You ignore the haters when something is important to you.
You learn the skills to achieve your goals. ❓So, when it comes to your health, what is your excuse?
And do you actually want to overthrow it and change your life?
Or is something else a priority right now?
Either way is great! Love life on your terms but if you’re interested in busting through those excuses, I’d be happy to help you 💕

Just let me know!

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What’s Your Excuse?
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