If you’re trying to find all your pleasure, every day, in the food you eat…most likely you’re going to find yourself very sick and pretty sad
I’m not saying there’s no pleasure to be had from food. That would be stupid, of course there is!
Give me a juicy green apple or a creamy pile of mashed garlicy red potatoes and yes! I’m enjoying
But, sad, frustrated, angry or just plain bored and sit down with bags of chips and cookies…
is that real pleasure or is that distraction, numbing behaviour and avoiding life?
I’ll be honest with you, on the pleasure scale there is so much more satisfaction with real food than all the chips.
Not only the taste and textures of it but the satiety in your body of recieving nutrition that’s going to heal you.
Give you better skin, better digestion and energy that lasts.
Beautiful how nature works, yes? 💃
Now think about the bags of chips or cookies.
Sure, you’re going to stuff down your emotions or avoid the real things in your life you should be looking at, for a little bit…
Maybe you even convince yourself that the mucky mash of cookie on your tongue is pleasurable (really is it?)
but at what point does your body signal that you’ve had enough to grow healthy new cells?
How does your skin look? Your tummy feel?
For goodness sake, how does that sugar crash feel 20 minutes later as your head throbs and you go searching for more…something…to feel better?
Yep, this is a little tough love from me to you. ❤️
If I could invite you to do one thing for yourself. One loving, healing, beautiful thing…
It would be to cut out the packaged junky foods and indulge yourself with bright, vibrant, juicy whole foods for a month.
Just 30 days of lucious ripe tomatoes 🍅, creamy avocado, tart green apple🍏, warm red potatoes and crisp cucumbers to drown your boredom.
You get the idea? Don’t forget some juicy grass-fed beef or savory pature raised poultry eggs 🍳to treat your bad mood.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Food Is Healing For Your Body and Mind
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