Do you feel like you are bombarded with conflicting information about how to live a healthy and happy life?
Do you ever feel like you wish you just “knew the right answer” to tough decisions?
Some days, do you just wake up and wish things were easier and that your days could feel good?
Wish you felt good?
And want your loved ones to feel good?
I know you do, because you and I have a lot in common.
That is why I created this signature course to assist us women in reconciling a common disconnect between soul, mind and body so you can make empowered choices about your health and life instead of allowing outside influences to mis-guide you to potentially destructive ends.
I’m calling it “Goddess Lessons For The Modern Cavewoman” because you are a special combination of divine goddess and ancient wisdom of a wild hearted cavewoman but you’re living in a modern world that requires you to bring the right combination of both into your day-to-day to make it gorgeous – every day!
It’s a game changer because women especially are conflicted about how to have the life, body, health, family, career etc. that you dream of, in a time when social norms are in a radical flux and you are constantly bombarded with destructive messages like:
“There’s something wrong with you, you’re too sick/stinky/hairy/old/wrinkled/broken/ugly/stupid/weird and here’s what you have to buy to fix it.”
How is it possible, after thousands of years, that we are suddenly so totally unacceptable and living life all wrong?
I don’t buy it and I don’t think you should either!
In this program, you can learn to tap into that inner knowing in your soul and listen to your body’s ancient wisdom to empower you in intentional decision making for a healthy, gorgeous life, rather than letting outside sources dictate what you eat, how you move, what pleases you and who you should be.
You will be guided to that inner wisdom, that you know you have but disconnected due to circumstances in this modern age that discredit the immense power of intuition, instincts and allowing a natural flow to assist you in succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.
I have been there and ended up sick, miserable and frustrated. Lucky for me, I got a hard earned wake up call to listen to my body about the foods that caused me to feel like crap. To listen to my soul and let go of the crushing anxiety and sadness that came with the years of hopelessness and listening to all those messages about how I needed cosmetics, perfumes, certain clothes and tv dinners to be attractive enough to find love, get a good job and have time to be a goddess in the bedroom and a titan in the boardroom.
Can you relate?
I would love to show you what I’ve learned (the hard way) so you can effortlessly find your personal formula that works best for your unique needs so you can show up at your highest capacity every day!
We will cover, in depth:
  • eating well and whipping up delicious foods that you enjoy, to energize and nourish your body and brain
  • moving in awesome ways that satisfy your purposes, instead of grueling workouts that are dreadful and exhausting
  • finding, creating and nurturing, loving and joyful relationships
  • doing enjoyable work that is fulfilling and you can be proud of
  • fully acknowledging and leveraging your own unique beauty and naturally amazing qualities so you can shine brightly in all you do
Get ready for a HUGE transformation!
My life did a 180. I feel smarter, more beautiful, more confident and more full of love and joy than ever before.
So do all my clients.
I collected all the best lessons I learned from many years and thousands of dollars invested in building a gorgeous life I love and put them together as a framework for this program.
The rest is unique to you so I’m here to assist you in building it perfectly, for you!
I don’t want you to live my life – I want you to have the best tools possible so you can quickly and easily create YOUR OWN GORGEOUS LIFE!
Tools like:
  • how to eat well to fuel your body for optimal health, energy and vitality.
  • Practical, science based lessons from experts in their fields on nutrition, exercise, disease, toxicity and other health topics that affect you directly. These are focused on healing and maintaining the precision machine that is your human body.
  • Soul based lessons to help you tap into your higher power for that peace, confidence and “knowing” that you are doing exactly what you should be.
  • Lessons to help you tune in to the clear messages your body is sending you.  Pain, hunger, thirst, itching, breathlessness…you are constantly recieving messages from your body about what to eat, drink, how to move and care for your physical body for optimal health. It even alerts you to danger, love and impending weather changes.  Sounds silly and far fetched? Most people are trying to dampen those feelings, taking pain relievers to ignore an injury that might be better served with attention or looking for logical explanations to discount that important “gut feeling” but in this module, you’ll learn how to incorporate logic and instincts, for your highest good. Much like our cavewoman ancestors did to survive and even thrive for thousands of years!
It sounds simple enough, right?  You’re probably thinking, “I can do that on my own.” I thought that too and it took me a decade to pull it all together. Do you want to work at it for decades too or would you like to spend 6 short weeks to get the download of it plus my full support? You’ll be able to incorporate it in your life, in exactly the ways you need so you don’t have to go through years of trial and error, wondering if it’s impossible.
Obviously, I want you to get on the fast track to a gorgeous and healthy life so, if you’re interested, just contact me with the form below or email and I’ll get back with you right away with all the details to get started NOW!
So you can feel great, now!  I’m all about now 🙂
I’m also here to answer any other questions you have, big and small – just shoot ’em to me straight!
Just drop me a message right here, right now!

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