Talking again, this week, about words because I’ve found that being conscious of the things you say is so much more important than any other healthy habit bc that’s where everything begins!

How you feel, what you do and how you relate to the world come from the thoughts you think and the words you use.

Last time, I told you about transforming from simple disempowering phrases we get in the habit of using to even better, powerful words.

This week I’m inviting you to the next phase of using words to create what you want in life. If you’ve been practicing with me – switching “I can’t” with “I don’t” or “I choose” and instead of giving away your truth and sense of capability by saying “I don’t know” when you actually do – then you are probably experiencing this gorgeous change, as I am, of really feeling more powerful and opening up to the truth of what you want in life.

So, in phase 2, I invite you to choose a couple words or themes that represent what you want to see come about in life BUT there is a catch!

Try to go a little deeper into your soul to find things you truly desire.

Maybe you want money or to lose weight or look younger or a new car or a house. That’s great

Then, what I invite you to do is explore what having those would mean to you. How would you feel?

What are you experiencing?

I heard a great quote from Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss, I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said:

You don’t want a million dollars. You want the experience that you think that million dollars will give you.

He went on to give an example that you may think you want a private jet and you find out it costs a million dollars to buy your own plane. When you dig deeper, what you really want is the experience of freedom to fly somewhere without having to deal with commercial airline hell. So, when you actually have a trip planned, you may find out that you can charter a plane for $10,000. Really, all you need is 10 grand to have the experience you desire or maybe you could even get it with $2000 for a first class ticket.

It was really an eye opener and when you look at the math, you can take 100-500 trips on a chartered plane or first class vs buying your own (no frills) plane and still have the feeling you want while you travel.

So, sure, we all want money but truthfully, it’s the experience and feeling that money will bring to our lives. That feeling is more accessible than you realize.

Maybe it’s weight loss for you, but truly isn’t it that losing weight will make you feel desirable, strong and vivacious?

Then, those are this week’s power words!

You can start to use them more often when you’re describing things and in casual conversation.

My example words this week are: Fun, Ease and Gorgeous.

During conversations, instead of using a word like “pretty” I sub in “gorgeous” and throughout the day, I acknowledge, out loud, when things are fun and easy.

I’ve even gone so far as to say out loud “This is going to be easy”, even if it’s a really challenging project I’m undertaking.

Just by saying it, I change my attitude and as a bonus, I say a little gratitude prayer when things go my way and over the last couple weeks, I’ve received more and more.

My life literally became more gorgeous, work is easier and more fun!

This simple practice reminds me all day what kind of the life I want to live so I actively choose more and more of that gorgeous and fun life.

Think about it, when you feel bad and you keep repeating and focusing on the bad, doesn’t it seem to create more and more until you finally fall in bed praying it will be better tomorrow?

Well, this is the opposite.

This is grabbing on to that feeling of vivaciousness, fun or gracefulness you crave and holding it for just a moment more until those moments become your life!

Another example: say you have to go to the store and one of your themes is “elegant.” Maybe you take just a moment to fix yourself up a little and add a touch of elegance to your store trip.

May sound silly but slipping on some black flats instead of flip flops doesn’t take a second but changes how you feel, right?

Then, at the store, you feel a little bouncier in your walk and others may notice and smile at you and you’ll feel more elegant as well.

The bonuses are that feeling can morph into feeling attractive and vivacious, regardless of your weight, height or any other perceived flaw.

If you say a little gratitude, “Thanks for this feeling of ______”, you hold on a little more to that amazing feeling and those moments expand to make that chore of shopping more pleasant, yeah? Plus, it expands that feeling longer in your life, because life is just a series of moments.

I hope you will practice this with me this week. Choose 3 words, you can even use mine if you like them!

Then, comment below to let me know what happens.


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How To Choose Words That Get You What You Want
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