True story! Ask any brainwashing expert and they’ll tell you, repetition = belief.

On a less freaky note though, it’s kinda like that old lesson about being the sum of your 5 closest people. It’s human nature to want to fit in, be accepted and respected by your peers so we tend to hang with people we admire, believe and relate to.

When I joined Arbonne, that was part of my reason. I saw all these amazingly positive and fun women doing exactly what they wanted while lifting each other up. 😳 I’d never seen that before! And I wanted in that sisterhood  My life’s experience had been one where women were competitive, dishonest and actively sabotaged me. I had a couple good girl friends but you would usually find me hanging with the guys.
Even at work, I chose a job for most of my career where I was the only lady in the dept. and that was a-ok with me!
The guys I worked with were positive and mentored me willingly. Praise for a job well done was a daily thing instead of the regular personal and professional put downs my female bosses had bombarded me with in past jobs.

Both situations had me believing in my abilities and value, or lack there of, and I’m really lucky to have found places where there were people who praised my good work and efforts so I had a choice about what to believe!

Of course, that left me believing that women were cutthroat maniacs when it came to business, friendships and love.

Now, I’ll be honest, my #1 reason for Arbonne was bc I was desperate for that gluten free shake mix and fizz sticks bc my life had changed A LOT and I wanted something easier.

BUT it was also the idea that maybe I could, for once in my life, be part of that fabled “sisterhood” I’d heard about where women supported, encouraged and loved each other (no ulterior motives)! I want to regularly surround myself with positive women, who build each other up so I can change that negative belief. Know what I mean? 💕

I’ll be sharing more about this in my IG stories, if you’re interested keep an eye out there.

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If You Hear It Enough
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