What’s a habit you’d like to start? You know, that one thing you know would be a game changer? 🏆 You can probably think of a time when something traumatic or euphoric happened and you simply decided change what you do because of it.

Like never eating artichokes because you have vivid memories of puking them up for hours during a particularly bad night of food poisoning.

Like double checking before pulling into traffic bc of that wreck you had.

Or always hitting the coin return bc that one time you got a handful of change out of it. 💰
It didn’t take 30 days in a row of barfing artichoke pizza, car wrecks or extra cash to make a new habit, did it?
Nope! You just decided and it was done. You can do that with just about anything.

If you want to quit sugar because you’re at risk for diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and weight gain (aren’t we all?) – decide to quit it right now and every day going forward. You simply become a person who doesn’t eat sweets.  Not only does your decision cement it in your mind and make it easier to say “no” it also gives you instant confidence with people so they can’t derail you.

So, tell me what your most important change is or a specific habit you’d like to create and let’s see if we can do it instantly!  If not, you can always fall back on the 30 day rule…right?  #NoDownside

Let me know if you want to chat about this more… I ❤️ this stuff🌟

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Instant Habit Creation
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