Do you get tired of the “self love” coaching? They talk about how hard it is for so many of us to actually love ourselves bc of negative messages from the media and commercials for products telling us we aren’t good enough unless we smell like a minty forest, have zero body fat and only sleep in short bursts of convenient time. Yes, those messages can definitely damage our self esteem especially in young kids who are just learning about what’s what in life! So, if loving yourself feels like climbing Mt. Everest, can I invite you to just stop hurting yourself? 🛑
For example, this weekend instead of binging on candy till I’m sick and half way to diabetes-ville 🍬 I’m taking a deep breath and filling up with the exquisite experience that life is, simply. The people I love 💕 the elegance of a sunny spring day 🌸 and maybe just 1 candy… 🐣💋

Just Don’t Hurt Yourself
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