Show and Tell: Medicinal Mushrooms

I somehow got intrigued to learn more about medicinal mushrooms and went wild, buying several kinds to try out. Here’s my experience with Four Sigmatic’s Matcha Mushroom Drink Mix, Chaga Mushroom Elixer, Mushroom Hot Cacao and Om brand Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder. Honorable mention of Pacific Foods Butternut Squash Bisque. Leave me questions and I’ll come back to answer! Enjoy!

Book Report: Cure Your Child With Food

Enjoy this video book report on a book that I found to be extremely helpful, as I myself am just a big child, aren’t you?

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The (even) quicker version? Kelly Dorfman teaches how to be your own and your kid’s best health detective in a really accessible way. She shows in case study after case study how eliminating foods that irritate your system, and adding in foods high in the nutrients you are deficient in can literally cure you and in the least create a positive change. Let me know your thoughts!