What Will You Think Of You?

Before you take a leap do you wonder what other people will think of you, if you do it? Probably, it is human nature to want to accepted by our herd 🐮
Do you also ask yourself “What will I think of Me if I DON’T?”
I’m posing this q du jour because too many people live with regrets and low self esteem and it breaks my heart 💔
You are with YOU always and forever but other people come and go, that’s a fact of life. So who’s opinion means more when you’re making a decision?
Trust yourself 🌸



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What’s Your Bliss?

I could spend my whole life here 💕

Do you ever take time to just notice and enjoy a gorgeous sky full of puffy clouds above dark blue mountains just beyond the deep green of a grassy hill? Or whatever nature brings to your door?

Nature can be so healing, because we are part of nature! When we forget that and spend all day staring into screens and walking on concrete, eating processed foods that don’t even resemble nature – it makes us sick. We lose our spark and our joy as we become more disconnected from the modern cavemen and women we are.

I really invite you to take time every day to enjoy nature. Even if it’s just one deep breath as you look at a tree in your yard or one short minute of looking at the sky before you get in your car, wherever you are!

Love you!