“I like that Colleen is very understanding and gentle in her guidance. Instead of telling me what I should do, she invited me to brainstorm solutions with her that made me feel like we were working as a team. She also provided easy to implement solutions that provided immediate benefit.
She has an uncanny ability to uncover hidden challenges. I’ve tried to implement solutions on my own without much progress. Working with her gave me more resources and tools to speed up my progress and get results.
The fact that she is encouraging and motivating without being pushy was essential for me. So, I would say the combination of her gentle manner with her ability to help me clarify action steps are two key elements that make me want to go through the process again.
Receiving coaching from Colleen has been the best way for me to get actionable guidance to keep me on track to my goals. “

-Michael F.

“I was having painful skin problems on my face and weight gain. Colleen helped me identify a couple food intolerances and how to easily eliminate them from my diet. My skin cleared up within days and I lost 50 pounds in a few months. The bonus was that I have more energy and focus than ever. Her coaching style helped me to not only explore what was going on to find the cause and solutions but gave me the confidence and tools to make the changes easy and permanent.

-Elizabeth B.

Every session is an uplevel for me. I’ve been trying to treat my health like I did when I was 16 but things just aren’t the same now! Colleen has helped me upgrade my self-care practices, nutrition and life.

-Katherine N.