Once upon a time there was a man named Paul. He said he wanted to grow his business but digestive issues interfered. He knew he should eat real food and exercise, to feel better and heal his gut, but when we looked back on his week it was full of fast food πŸ•and Netflix πŸ“Ί with his girl!

He loved time with his honey but he’d been unintentionally sabotaging his goals with how they spent time. So, he started making healthy dinners for them (with love) and alternating tv night with romantic walks.

Now he has it all: a healthy gut, a better relationship, growing biz and they lived happily ever after. The End… πŸ“–

The moral of the story is that his actions showed his true priority (πŸ’•time with his beloved πŸ’•) but how he was choosing to accessorize it (🍟 crappy food) were sabotaging his other intentional goals with business πŸ’Έ. Becoming aware (with a little help) changed everything! 😎

Now, tell me about your challenges! What do you want and why aren’t you getting it?

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Unintentional sabotage, by Paul
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