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Jumping out of bed with tons of energy, feeling great all day and showing up fully for a life you love – does that sound like something you want?

You can create that, and I’d like to help!

You deserve to feel great again and you are worthy of a vibrant life, pursuing your dreams and desires along with anything else life throws your way.

Having a certified coach is one of the best ways to get the support you need like: accountability, a different perspective for creative solutions and a partner in researching and implementing the exact right things to get what you want.

After being a life coach since 2014, helping people improve their health, relationships, excel in their work and create amazing lives, I saw the same hidden hurdles popping up, over and over.

That’s when I decided to earn a nutrition and health coaching certification, as well, because I found that most of my clients had beautiful dreams and very achievable goals but the common thread was that their chronic, underlying, health issues were sabotaging them, and they didn’t even know it!

They thought their lack of social savvy or education was holding them back but, things like low energy, constant stress, exhaustion and poor nutrition, were sapping their energy and fogging up their brilliant brains! 

Does this sound familiar?

Once we started implementing plans and simple actions, suddenly, promising opportunities popped up and they had the power to show up fully for them!

It is exciting and inspiring to see how strategic practices like getting better nutrition, super simple stress management, and becoming aware of the toxic elements in the world (that have never even existed before the last 50 years) is like waving a magic wand to guide all the pieces together for a life you love.

I could see the reflection of this in my life, as well.

Before I was diagnosed with Celiac, over a decade ago, I was living the typical American lifestyle and getting sicker and sicker, until it almost killed me!  Because the only treatment is a gluten free diet, it put me on the path to examining everything I was eating,  participating in and even my underlying beliefs that were sabotaging my life.  My eyes were opened to how toxic industrialized food and our surroundings have become and on top of that, the stress of trying to “have it all” – the job, the car, the house, the perfect marriage and family…

I still felt like crap and couldn’t show up for a “normal” life like I wanted, much less the big goals I had. Finally, I realized that I had to take responsibility for my own health, my own life and my own sanity because it seemed like most of the world was actually out to sabotage it!

Fast forward a few years and I had healed my life, so much that I was holding down a challenging job again, traveling, having fun and coaching people on how to live their dream life too.  I’m now a master life coach and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with a B.A. from Cornell in Business and Sociology, which gives me unique insight into how to achieve a wide range of goals from careers and health to family and relationships.

All of this expertise fuels my passion and joy to help you create the life you love, that is uniquely “you”!

What if you could live a life, exactly as you desire, every.single.day?

Would you be willing to take strategic action to have abundant health?

What if you could have that dream relationship? 

That dream job or business you have been dreaming of? 

I want that for you too and I know you can have it!

So, let’s talk. Simply fill the form out below to schedule a short strategy session where we will talk about where you are, where you want to be and how you want to move forward. It will be fun and easy – no obligation!

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How does coaching work?

Logistically, we will have our private sessions via secure video chat, telephone or in my office. That way, I can help you no matter where you are in the world, as long as you can find a quiet space.

During our first coaching session, we will explore your main goals, concerns and desires.  These can be health related or anything pertaining to living your best life, as you desire.  Then, we will work together to outline a strategy that is perfect for you and get started!

In the following sessions we will work together to make positive transformation, in leaps and bounds.  I will be here to support, encourage, educate and assist you at every stage. This is a partnership between you and me and all you need to do is show up with a vision and willingness to transform your health and life for the better. I’ll help you get there.

Before you make any decisions though, let’s have a short conversation.

One of the best things you can do for yourself right now is to schedule a 25 minute strategy session with me!

We will talk about your most important goals and concerns.  Then, start outlining an action plan to get you there.  You will leave that easy call with something tangible that you can take into your daily routine and start to make the positive changes you desire, right away.  Then, I’ll be here when you need support, education and accountability to fast-track those desires in the most enjoyable and stress-free ways!

Just send an email to me: hello@colleen-bean.com or use the contact form below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Not ready to visit yet? Don’t be shy, send me a message with your questions and concerns and I’ll write back.

Would you like to get to know me better first?

In 2006, after years of severe health issues, many mystified doctors and a lot of hopeless feelings, I was literally starving to death and lost 40 pounds in a month, despite eating up to 5000 calories a day.  I was failing at everything.  My career was in shambles, I called off my wedding and had no social life because I could barely make it through each day.

Finally, I found myself sobbing in front of a substitute Dr. who knew about Celiac disease. After my diagnosis, I found myself feeling totally alone and unsupported in my recovery though. Even my GI Specialist could only tell me to “give up gluten” and referred me to a dietitian whose best advice was to “Google it.”

I didn’t know if I’d ever get my life back but I got to work researching, cooking, laughing, crying and learning to live again.

I did all the tips and tricks you find in the books, blogs and support groups. Some worked, some didn’t – it was an exhausting struggle.  Every day I wished there was someone who could help.  Sure, I had plenty of advice from friends and family who had their own perspective on how my life should be (different from my own!).

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I spent years and a small fortune, doing all the things until I finally learned about this amazing thing called a “Life Coach”.

Sure, I was making some headway on my own but once I had a coach to keep me on track, I completely transformed my life in leaps and bounds!

That’s when I knew what my calling was. I immediately got my certification and dedicated myself to helping you avoid losing years of your life to a needless struggle of swirling through the neverending abyss of advice givers, how-to articles and generic self-help that leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless and maybe even embarrassed and ashamed.

They mean well, and of course, there are pearls of wisdom to be found but it’s all about someone else. They don’t know you. They haven’t heard what you actually want and the unique situation you’re in that keeps it from happening.

If you want to make real transformation in your life, quickly and easily, the best help is someone who has no preconcieved notions of who you are or who you should be.  Someone who is here to help you create what you want, in just the way that works for you.

Creating a life you love can be easy when you have the right help, I want to show you how.


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