So, you want to grow your business and an amazing legacy but you have Celiac or IBS and it holds you back! I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to.
In fact, it can be your greatest asset!  Don’t believe me? Let me explain…


Hi! I’m Colleen and I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. #Literally!
But why should you keep reading?
Because not only do I have a business degree and many years running my own company but I’m also a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. That means, I have a unique set of skills to assist you in building that business of your dreams AND help you overcome the obstacles of chronic illness that are keeping you stuck – so you can move forward gracefully.
Sure, there are parts of your illness you may never fully resolve but there are work arounds and sometimes they are even your best asset.  Just look at inspiring people like Sean Stephenson, Helen Keller and Nick Vujicic!
I imagine if you’re here, it’s because you have a passion for what you do and want to reach more people BUT you are physically, mentally and spiritually worn down.
You’re feeling crushed and maybe even laying on the floor in tears – worried that you’ll never feel better and get on with your dream.
AND YOU HAVE HOPE!  I see that in you! You are hopeful, even though you’re having a bad day (or 20) and you know you can do it – you just need some help.
The good news is, I’m here to help you!  We’ll be business “running buddies” and find the exact things you need to liberate yourself from that chronic illness wrapped around you like a boa constrictor, so you can show up at your highest capacity in every facet of your life – all of it!
Here’s my gift to you: grab your free strategy session with me by signing up at the top of this page or sending an email to and you’ll start getting from where you are to where you want to be, right now.
*  Maybe you need someone to clear up all the smoke and mirrors about health and nutrition that’s leaving you feeling helpless (like, is sugar the devil or is fat the devil and how much vitamin D do you really need?)
*  Do you want to shorten your learning curve about marketing (is social media driving you nuts?) so you can hit that 6 figure mark in your biz?
*  Frankly, you probably need help feeling better to just get outta the house more often (when’s the last time you took your beloved on a date or met new people who need your product/service?)!!!
I gotchu!  
Here’s my email to get the free session, you literally have nothing to lose…only something to gain!
BTW, if you’re wondering, “Can this chic really help me?”…
All I can say is that I was S.I.C.K. for years and diagnosed with IBS…then finally Celiac (after I lost 40 pounds in one month while eating 5k calories a day!) but I still struggled with chronic illness until I hit rock bottom, quit my job, called off my wedding and went to ground.
My mission to help people accomplish their dreams was almost obliterated and I knew I had to help myself, first, before I could show others how. So, I got my health certification, got a coach and some business running buddies and once I got my health right, I got to 6 figures!
I wake up inspired to mentor from my heart, positively impact the world in a big way and my heart is bursting with excitement to assist my amazing clients get to the next level, today!
That’s how I know I can help you too – the proof is in the gluten free pudding.
Now I have some questions for you, if you’re still holding back:
*  What if you could live a life, exactly as you desire,
*  Would you be willing to take strategic action to have abundant health?
What if you could have more fulfilling relationships?
*  What if that enormously impactful business you have been dreaming of is right around the corner?
*  Would you be willing to have a 25 minute conversation that could make it possible?
I want everything for you too and I know you can have it!
Whether you work with me or not, I have faith that you will find exactly what you need to accomplish it all because we always do.
You’re here now, reading this and it’s sparking ideas in your mind, isn’t it?
Take the leap…take the baby step…SHOW UP for yourself…it’s always worth it!
Love you!

Here’s your super easy contact form to get the gifted strategy session, last one, I promise. But I really do hope you’ll show up because you can change the world and it’s more fun with friends!



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