❤️ This is a standard mantra ala my mentor Nikki Jade, that she trained me to run on repeat instead of disempowering b.s. in that inner monologue we all have going, sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back of your mind. Knowhatimean? Today, I’d love to hear your love list, love! 💕
Big or small, as I’ve given myself permission to unapologetically love, those things start showing up like magic 🔮 and life’s getting sweeter 🍬 You deserve that too!
I have a little love list du jour…
💕 I’d love a good hour to bask in the sun.
💕 I’d love to go to gtc
💕 I’d love something fresh and #glutenfree for dinner

💕 and I’d love a few hours to read this stack of books 📚
Your turn!

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What Would You Love?
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