Don’t remember where I got this but feeling like it’s apropos this week as we’re prepping for another 30 days to healthy program (starts July 1 if you want to join me *hint hint*) 💕. It’s so important to look for the cause of disease, not just try to drug the symptoms! If you were hitting your thumb every day with a hammer and wanted to stop the pain, are you going to take a painkiller and keep hitting your thumb? NO! You’re gonna quit hitting it, right?

Same with chronic illness. If your environment and food are upsetting your stomach, causing you pain and making life miserable, are you taking a pill to ignore the pain or quit hurting yourself? 💡

Sadly, the first is happening a lot (I’m lookin at you Prilosec! You know the food’s gonna hurt so you take a pill and eat it anyway?) 😳😳😳😳 I’m here to invite you to choose the latter though! To take responsibility and get curious about the toxic things you have in your life and start testing each one to see of losing it makes you feel better … just sayin…
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You Are Worth It!
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