When it comes to changing something in your life, whether it’s upgrading your job, social life, health or anything in between, there’s a constant chorus of “I don’t know how”.  Most of the time, that’s a lie.

I get it, I hear myself saying that too and the truth is – now brace yourself – It’s not that we don’t know HOW, It’s that we don’t know WHY.

Honestly there are so many courses, books and free content out there of “How To” do anything that it’s not the tactics we lack.  It’s the reason to become the person who does that thing.  Why would you make the effort? Why would you step out of your comfort zone and change what you do every day to have what you want?

I see it every day. YOU see it every day! People who wake up and do something differently because they know that change makes them the person who can have what they want.  That self discipline, in whatever area of your life you’re trying to transform, is what makes you the person who can hold on to that change.

That’s the transformation you’re looking for.

And what you don’t know “how” to do is feel the way you will feel when you take those actions, so you know if it’s worth the effort and discomfort.

The gamble is, you have to take the action to feel it.  You can’t think about it, imagine it or hear it from someone else – that still leaves you thinking, “why should I try to make this change though?”

The comfort is, you can always go back.  Just because you try something new, doesn’t mean you have to keep going, because there are very few things that require you to burn down what you have to try something else.

I’ve been dealing with something similar lately.  I found some products that made my life significantly easier and the company also offers a business option so I decided to try it out.  This company had already given me breathing room in my life and I could see huge potential for even more room, in a way that stayed true to my core value of helping people feel better and be healthier.

But it’s different from anything else I’ve ever done.  It requires me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I’ve never done before. So, one step at a time I’m trying it on. I’m feeling how it is to run this type of business and I’m finding out why I want to be the kind of woman who hands people a package of healthy products to try and insight into a revenue stream they might need to have more breathing room in their lives too.

Some days I wake up and I think, I don’t know how to do this!  But the truth is, I’m questioning Why.  Why should I tell anyone about this? Why should ignore rejection? Ultimately, the question is: How do I feel?

Do I feel like the woman I want to be?  Am I a woman offering people a choice to improve their lives?

So, I’m sharing these questions with you today. Do you feel like the person you want to be?  That’s the key. That’s the “WHY” you do anything – it’s to feel how you want to feel.  Watching tv and eating candy feels good, until it doesn’t.  Until you look around and feel empty, lonely, or hungover.

Then, suddenly you do know How to change because you know Why you want to feel better!

Does this resonate with you? Let me know!

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You Don’t Know Why
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